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Quartier: Notre-Dame-de-Grâce || Intersections: Queen-Mary, Westbury
Mise-en-service: 1981 || Architectes: Jean-Louis Beaulieu
Artistes: Jean-Louis Beaulieu, Claude Guité || Autobus: 51, 166

Christopher Hodgson, 30

Hailing from British Columbia, Christopher sold everything he owned four years ago and embarked on a cross-canada trip to start life afresh. While he didn’t make it quite to St. John’s, he did cover every province along the way. He settled in Montréal for the affordable rent, bohemian culture and cheap beer. He’ll be moving back to B.C. within the month with his girlfriend as she pursues her studies at the University of Victoria. He doesn’t know what he’ll be doing yet, and that’s okay.

"Nobody will look at you, but everybody stares"

“Nobody looks at you, but everybody stares”

"like a bird, just flying around"

“like a bird, just flying around”