De L'Église // Norma Andreu
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Quartier: Verdun || Intersections: Galt/Wellington, de l’Église/Ross
Mise en service: 1978 || Architectes: Lemay & Leduc
Artiste: Claude Théberge || Autobus: 37, 58, 61

Norma Andreu, alias: Cara Carmina, 34

Originally from Mexico, Norma came to Québec in 2009 to be with her now husband. Both hailing from Mexico City, they had remained friends through various romances that brought her to New York and he to Montréal. Once reunited, they made a home in Verdun where she has since gained local and international notoriety for her artwork. Most known for her dolls and paper cut dioramas, she was most recently featured throughout Montréal’s métro system in Ford’s Fiesta campaign.

DSCF0639 “Today is the anniversary of Frida’s death. I aim to honour her work, art and stories through my creations.”

“Design is life, a necessity, an inspiration”