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Quartier: Sud-Ouest || Intersections: Atwater, Lionel-Groulx
Mise en service: 1978 (ligne verte), 1980 (ligne orange) || Architecte: Yves Roy
Autobus: 71, 78, 108, 191, 211, 405, 411, 425, 485, 491, 497, 747 || Artistes: Yves Roy, Joseph Rifesser

Mariana Stabile, 22
Studio Arts student, Concordia University

A born and raised Montréaler, Mariana has been commuting to Lionel-Groulx from Lachine on the 496 since she was a teenager. Also servicing most of the West Island and the Montréal International Airport, Lionel-Groulx is a point of entry to the downtown core for thousands of suburbanites and tourists alike. An alumnus of Katimavik and Dawson College’s Fine Arts program, Mariana is now studying Studio Arts at Concordia University while working part-time as an administrative assistant at the Montréal Art Centre and Café Aléatoire. She appreciates that she can never be bored in the big city and thrives to immerse herself in the myriad of volunteering, working and educational opportunities Montréal offers. You can see the love for her city in her smile.

"i live by the métro system. to map where i am. to know where to go next."

“i live by the métro system. to map where i am. to know where to go next.”

"Lean. Observe. Say yes."

“Lean. Observe. Say yes.”