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Quartier: Verdun || Intersections: Rushbrooke, Lasalle, Caisse
Mise en service: 1978 || Architectes: Didier, Gillon & Larouche
Artiste: Michèle Tremblay-Gillon & Peter Gnass || Autobus: 12, 21, 58, 71, 108

Brian Tuck, 33
Yoga instructor

DSCF2408Born and raised in Verdun, Brian grew to associate his childhood neighbourhood with homophobia and bigotry. After leaving and living in other parts of the city for almost a decade, he moved back four years ago and has since found himself entirely smitten by its charm and particularities. Montréal’s little gem — it’s best kept secret. The St. Lawrence & the Lachine canal, cycling, running, dining, exchanging. Working class neighbourhood meets young artists, each growing from one another. Verdun has grown to be a more diversified and open-minded place and  his return has brought him a long-desired sense of peace and closure.

triangles everywhere. yoga heaven.

triangles everywhere. yoga heaven.

“i’ve witnessed the gentrification of the neighborhood upon moving back. i see the balance between protecting affordable spaces to live, yet i have also invested in the upkeep of an old building in a neighborhood where i was born and raised. i realize I’m living a juxtaposed experience.”

“i couldn’t live anywhere else. this is where i came from. this is home.”